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Like Jelly of the Month Club... only WAY BETTER!

Tarot of the Month Club: About
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Jamie's popular monthly subscription tarot reading service is back and better than ever with new options! 

Join us in delivering messages of love, healing, and validation right to your inbox, opportunities for connection, and a path of alignment to your highest and best! 

Because we believe that Connection is for Everyone, Club members will also get access to our student support group, and monthly spiritual development practice circles held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month! We hope to empower you to build a meaningful relationship with Spirit of your own! 

There are now THREE options for you to join The Club at four different price points. Each membership includes the level before it, so the highest level includes all three levels. 

Choose your monthly subscription membership package below: 

Tarot of the Month Club: Welcome
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Level I: Join me for Tarot horoscopes for each of the signs plus month ahead messages for the elements

Join me for Tarot horoscopes each month! You’ll get 4 video tarot month ahead readings with bonus messages for each sign to help you make the most of the energy at hand! Watch your sun, moon, & rising! Via Email delivery at the change of each Astro season

Tarot of the Month Club: About Me

Level II: Your own tarot reading based on the theme of the season, personalized unique to you 

A great tool for living your best Spirit Led Life! Via video recording with email delivery throughout the month on a first come first serve basis. These readings are offered for sale, but subscriptions come at a discounted rate! (Includes Lvl I)

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Tarot of the Month Club: About Me
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Level III: You’ll get all these readings AND a standing 30 minute private zoom call each month!

Use this time for mentorship, Spirit connection, or clarity. The call is up to you and there's no need to decide in advance, what you're feeling that day is what Spirit and I will go with. The goal will always be to promote healing and empower you in your own happiness! (Includes Lvl III)

Tarot of the Month Club: About Me

Meet Your Reader

Jamie is a Maine based Evidential Psychic Medium who works with clients remotely all over the world to help them make connections with Spirit for messages of love, healing, and validation. She offers mediumship readings (passed loved ones), tarot readings (cards), and more. Jamie's biggest love comes from her previous career as a classroom teacher- she now teaches Spiritual Development to people who are ready to explore their gifts and connection with the Universe! You can meet Jamie and learn more about her on Instagram and Facebook

Tarot of the Month Club: Quote

These are recurring monthly subscriptions, and your card on file will be auto-processed by my secure website. You can cancel at any time, but Spirit and I hope you will love this monthly treat for yourself!! Reach out to for questions before ordering, or to communicate your reading requests. 

Let's get this Tarot party started!

Tarot of the Month Club: Text


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Tarot of the Month Club: Testimonials

Jamie is 100% FOR REAL.

Her gifts (and there are many) are the actual beesknees.

All silliness aside,

Beyond what Jamie shares of her gifts and views publicly on the afterlife, mediumship development, divination, tarot, life, spirit and the multitudes of other metaphysical & spiritual guru-ee-goodness — she is a DIRECT connection to your loved ones.

Like tuning into a radio.

When Jamie did a spirit read for me,

I could feel my loved ones’, and could hear and see them through Jamie. The jovial childhood friend and the big brother spirit coming through in her mannerisms and way of phrase. Jamie channels and embodies that love and spirit for us and validates for us [that] an afterlife exists and our loved ones are never gone. I have never been so absolutely sure about anything in my whole life — more than [that] moment of clarity in that experience with spirit… and Jamie gave me that gift.

If you’re thinking about it or wondering if she is as good as you hope — she’s BETTER. Make your appointment, session or check out her Everyday Medium Course. I cannot recommend her enough.

Facebook Testimonial

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