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Thanks for your interest in booking a reading with me, Medium Jamie Day! My goal is to help give my clients a sense of healing by providing evidential validation that your loved ones and guides are always around you offering support and love.

Let me tell you a little about how it works! Please read through this section before booking so as to not cause any delays in receiving your reading!

Read the descriptions of my different reading types below to decide which is best for you. Click the link to go to my online scheduler or checkout page. You will be able to book yourself into my next available appointment that works for your schedule! You should know that my nights and weekends fill very quickly, and weekdays generally book at least 2 weeks in advance. You do not need to be present for the video readings, but wait time is at least 2-4 weeks there as well. Video readings usually sell out quickly, so please follow me on social media or my newsletter to stay up to date when I restock.

When you purchase your reading through my secure website, please use the notes section during checkout to tell me a little about what you need:

Please indicate any preferences you have for your reading- I can’t guarantee any specific spirits or questions will come through but I am always happy to try. Example: “Hoping to connect with my Grandma Ruth,” “no Tarot please,” “looking for guidance for my career move,” or “I’d love to know more about my spirit guides and past lives”

Gift Certificates are available for any custom amount, please email to order

Before your reading, I say a prayer to the Universe and I asked for your loved ones and guides of your highest good to come be with us. I invite them to use me to deliver messages only of healing and love. If you’d like to say a prayer of your own to your loved ones and guides, this can help strengthen your connection too! It is best to give yourself a quiet space to enjoy your reading without too much distraction. Please feel free to take notes.

During your reading, we will start by seeing whatever comes through on its own, and we will save time for your questions about half-way through. I connect with Passed Loved Ones and Spirit Guides through my gifts of clairvoyance (psychic sight), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and clairsentience (psychic feeling). Sometimes I even smell or taste things! There are no guarantees of what will come through, as it’s up to Spirit. I consider myself like a translator. Spirit delivers the messages that you need to know. Sometimes this isn’t exactly what you hoped to hear, but it’s always for your benefit and highest good! Remember to keep an open mind.

After your reading, I say a short prayer to release your loved one's energy, and sometimes I add some prayers for your healing as well. Remember to keep fostering your connection with your loved one by talking to them! Try thanking them for coming through for you and see how it feels. They love knowing you want them around! If you enjoyed your reading, your referral or recommendation would mean the world to me!  

Thank you, with love!

          Jamie XO

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Readings: Services

Please scroll to the bottom to book any of the following: 

Live psychic and mediumship readings: 

  • 30 min Phone readings- $111

  • 60 min Zoom readings for 1-3 people with recording- $188

  • 90-120 min Zoom group reading for 4-6 people with recording-$77 per person 

  • *New!* 30 min Phone TAROT reading -$111

  • *New!* 60 min Zoom TAROT and Spirit Guide reading with recording $188 


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