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Danvers State Hospital Series: Part 1

If you’ve followed me for a little while now, you may remember when we discussed the “haunted” land a former mental hospital resides on high atop a hill in my hometown.

The topic was among the the most popular I’ve covered, and researching the history and feeling the Spirit move through me really awakened a passion in me.

To be a voice for those who couldn’t fully advocate for themselves has been a major calling in my life. It’s why I have worked with both adults and children with disabilities and behavioral challenges for so many years. It’s why I hold degrees in education and psychology.

Its no surprise to me then that I feel the same responsibility toward the deceased.

What initially started as a fun project discussing local hauntings evolved into a powerful realization for me. When someone passes in a place of confusion and pain, without anyone to honor them and their memory, their soul deserves an advocate. A voice for the dead.

Please enjoy this brief graphic history of Danvers State Hospital. I will be posting more about this series later, and look forward to sharing my insights with you as to the energy and and spirits that still exist there so prevalently.

All images are from google searches. If you are owed credit from an image please let me know. All were oroginally posted on my Instagram stories located at

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