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Each Investigation is taken on a case by case basis. Please call or email to schedule a consultation. 

Some possible uses for psychic investigation work:

*You feel there are Spirits or energy in your home who may or may not be stuck and you'd like to ask them to leave

*You feel there are Spirits or energy in your home and you'd like to better understand them and what they want 

*You are considering purchasing a new home and are interested in an evaluation of the property. 

*You need an added layer of investigation in your missing persons or cold case event

***Fine Print**

*Please note that for serious cold case and missing persons inquiries or more frightening and complicated haunting cases, Jamie may even offer to take on a case at no profit. Please do not let your financial status stop you from reaching out if you're in desperate need of help.

*Please be aware that an evaluation will occur before determining whether or not to take any cases

*Travel and expense fees may be applied.