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A mediumship development mentorship for your real, everyday life


Do you know that you’ve got intuitive gifts but don’t know what next steps to take to make it work for you?

Do you see signs that spirits are trying to communicate with you and it leaves you confused about how to handle it? 

The truth is, this isn’t the first time you’ve observed weird occurrences. You’ve seen or heard or felt energies for a long time! You have this nagging feeling that someone somewhere is trying to communicate with you sometimes, and you’re just not sure how to shake it. Maybe you’re someone who’s suffered for a long time from anxiety, even though you’re not sure why. Maybe these strange occurrences scare you so you’ve tried to ignore them and shut them out. But they’re not going away. And neither is the pull you feel getting stronger and stronger to figure it out. And you’re frustrated as hell, because it’s starting to impact your whole life. You know there’s a spiritual solution out there but don’t know how to find it!

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’d share stories of the ghosts I saw, only to be told I was “making it up.” I learned early on that it wasn’t “normal” and that I should feel afraid, whether it was of the spirits themselves or the fact that I’d be labeled as crazy. It wasn’t until we suffered a sudden loss in my family that I really opened up to discovering more. For me, the signs flooding my reality, coupled with the growing discomfort I felt by pushing away what was calling me so strongly, led to a completely overwhelming yet amazing awakening.

Now, years later, I give thanks every single day for that painful, transformative awakening period.  Developing my gifts has changed my life, and I don’t just mean because mediumship is my job.

It has changed the rest of my life immeasurably. My anxiety is well controlled and I spend most of my time feeling at peace. My passion and ambition is on fire, finally having a path that I KNOW is for me. My relationships and friendships are stronger and more loving because the toxic relationships have fallen away and more aligned people have come into my life. My confidence has skyrocketed because I am able to live authentically and feel safe being accepted. And best of all- I know exactly what to do when weird stuff happens to me! No fear, baby!! 

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You DESERVE to feel that way!! It’s your time to understand what is going on around you, to release your fear, to shed your anxiety, to cast out your doubt! And it’s time to tap into the unconditional love and support that is available to you from Spirit!!

Paint the picture with me!

It’s 6 months from now and you’ve conquered your fear of spirits and presences around you because you know exactly how to feel into them and communicate with them. You don’t have to feel anxious about people judging you because the evidence has been so strong that you have no doubts that what you’re experiencing is real, real, real. You’re blown away with gratitude for the universe because understanding more about how it all works has helped everything fall into place for you. And you don’t even feel “weird” because you finally get how normal this is! You feel confident, happy, and at peace!! And you are able to work all of it into your real, normal life with ease!

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And what will happen if you don’t make changes?

Will you allow yourself to continue living in fear, as the experiences you’re having get less and less subtle?

Will you follow the pattern you were given many years ago, and turn away from what you know has been calling and calling to you?

Will you sit with discomfort you feel growing by shutting out and shutting down... again?

Ignoring it, denying it, pretending not to notice it?

Will you stay stuck on the same old hamster wheel of doubt, not knowing what it means or what’s next for you?

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The good news is- you’ve got ME!

I spent years researching and failing on my own and now I know how much EASIER it can be. So let me help you! Because I promise you, the Universe will keep bringing you back to the idea of studying mediumship until you answer. Why not go the easy way with a kick ass mentor, right? 

Creating this program so that others can avoid the roller coaster I went through has been super important to me, but since this is the first round I know there will be adjustments to be made throughout the process. By joining now, instead of waiting, you’ll get a ton of added benefits to thank you for your flexibility!! 

Everyday Medium Mentorship: Welcome


Let’s talk about all of the exciting things you’ll get with this 1:1 Everyday Medium Mentorship!

  • 8 Lessons which each contain:

    • Private mentorship 1:1 Call

    • Video lessons ​

    • Audio lessons

    • Journal prompts 

    • Practice assignments 

    • Holistic Bonuses ​

  • PLUS:

    • Live zoom practice circles 

    • Opportunities to join live zoom workshops 

    • AND 4 BONUS 1:1 CALLS!!!

And the best part is you can take them at your own pace, they are available to you as needed! Some students have finished in under 3 months, others are still working on it! You set the pace, and I’m here to help support you in that! 

Here is a small taste of what we’ll be covering: 

Lesson 1: Answering the Call 

Lesson 2: Ethical Mediumship 

Lesson 3: Connecting with your Clairs 

Lesson 4: Roadmap to a Reading 

Lesson 5: Expanding on Evidence 

Lesson 6: No is an Opportunity 

Lesson 7: The Fear Factor

Lesson 8: Moving Forward with Intention 

Everyday Medium Mentorship: Welcome


Here is what a few of Jamie’s past students have to say about her teaching:


I’ve been working with Jamie for a few years now. I’ve had multiple readings done by her, and I’ve done a one-on-one mentorship with her as well. Everything about her is open and welcoming and friendly, which was great for me because I tend to question everything and have a serious lack of self-confidence, which she has helped me with tremendously, by the way. Her teaching style isn’t a traditional boring lecture based setting which, as a teacher, I totally appreciate, but instead, she personalizes it to exactly what you need, and she’s there with you when you need her, but she lets you get the lessons on your own, which is the best thing about her teaching methods. She helps you learn in a way where you’re in control of it, which makes everything so much more meaningful! Jamie is so much more than a teacher; she’s a life coach, an inspiration, and a friend, and I’m so thankful to be able to work with her! 


When I decided to explore the idea of mediumship, I knew I wanted to be guided to the right person. The Universe led me straight to Jamie. I chose to work with her because she is extremely talented, her personality is so warm and her energy is infectious. She has guided me through understanding mediumship, learning how to navigate my skills, practicing readings, and overall encouraging me! I have felt my confidence and skills grow ten-fold since starting my mentorship. She is nothing short of amazing! If you are contemplating this, you truly need to look no further! 


Working with Jamie has been nothing short of life-changing for me.  Her deep connection to Spirit is amazing - but her ability to help others develop and strengthen their own connections is a gift unto itself.   She truly understands what it means to learn and practice mediumship, and she relies on her own experiences to help guide her students through the most difficult parts - for me, that was conquering my own fears and doubts. It was also extremely important to me that her commitment to responsible and ethical mediumship is apparent throughout her teachings.   She has helped me immensely and I am so grateful to have learned from her!


Last summer I enrolled in Jamie’s Connecting with the Universe course. I guess you could say I was looking for more in life. Something was missing, but I couldn’t exactly pin-point it. Then I hopped on this course and it opened my eyes in a BIG way. I started viewing the world differently. And life. Even death. Every lesson spoke to me. To this day, I reference back to the course for inspiration. And I always pick up on something new. Well worth the personal investment! Especially if you are looking to add more meaning to your life.

Everyday Medium Mentorship: Testimonials


Everyday Medium Intensive 1:1 Membership is the most popular and all-encompassing way to develop your mediumship with Jamie. You WILL come out of this experience with incredible evidence and increased confidence. 

The investment for this high level of 1:1 support is $2222 USD with payment plans available. 

If that level of investment is not in the cards for you right now, I understand. You will know when the time is right to pursue it and I will be here for you!! The intensive mentorship- having that personalized support with me- it’s a game changer and I hope that you’ll consider it when you’re able!

Other options you may consider in the meantime: 

Everyday Medium Self Study Course (Video lessons and other material without the live mentorship zoom calls) -

$777 with payment plans available 

Click here to register

Everyday Medium Summer School

Limited Time offering of Live Zoom Workshops beginning July 6th 2021

$444 (*CLOSED: Please follow for information on the FALL 2021 Round of this course)

Click here to register

Everyday Medium Spirit Circles

6 Week Practice Group (Next Round begins July 20th 2021) (*CLOSED: Please follow for information on the FALL 2021 Round of this course)


Click here to register

Everyday Medium Mentorship: About Me


What I mean is... lets talk!!!

I’d love to have a quick phone or Zoom call over a beverage with you to get to know each other. Let’s swap weird ghost stories, become fast bff’s, and talk about all the nitty gritty details. This is an intensive program, where we talk one on one often. I am here to support you and encourage you, and sometimes push you, so I want you to be sure you like me before you make this investment for yourself! Let me give you a call to interview me. 

I especially can’t wait to tell you about all of the benefits of getting in on this Beta group before I share the finalized version later this year. It’s gonna blow ya mind! 

Ready to go? Fill out this form and we’ll get it set up straight away!

Everyday Medium Mentorship: About Me


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