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What you should know:

**- Jamie has created an online school for spiritual development so that her students can have the flexibility to work at their own pace, in their own comfort, at their own time.-**

**-All courses are designed to be a low investment, or made manageable by low investment payment plans in an effort to make the courses accessible to as many people as possible.-**

**-All courses come with access to the online community, Medium Jamie Day's Student Support Center. Here you can ask Jamie and other students for feedback, share experiences, and join together for collective upleveling!-**

**-Some courses also have 1:1 mentorships available, making the course a hybrid of online school and private phone lessons and practice with Jamie-**

**-If you require accommodations or captions to make this course more accessible for you, please email**

The current offerings for online courses and hybrid courses are as follows:

  • Connecting with the Universe- Get deeply connected to tune into your intuition and learn to communicate with the team of angels and guides all around you. 

  • Mediumship Foundations- Coming Soon! 

To learn more or sign up, please click the button below to visit the Medium Jamie Day Online School 



10 Weeks to the life you were sent here to live.
*** REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. The next round of Spirit Led Life will be Fall 2020.

In this one-to-one, deep-diving, personal and spiritual development program, you will learn how to receive guidance from the Universe, and how to apply that divine wisdom. You’ll see and feel guidance all around- from small, everyday moments, to major life decisions. You’ll learn to overcome. You’ll learn to have such faith in the Universe, that you’ll be surprised by how bold you become. Above all, you’ll see evidence everywhere reassuring you that the Universe wants you to live your most inspired and joyful life. 

This is much more than just a course for learning. This is an intensive program. We work together to dive deep into your personal connection with Spirit, learning how the Universe seeks to communicate with YOU, and how best to use your uniquely given gifts to enhance your own life! 

You’ll receive: 

  • 4 private one-on-one mentorship calls 

  • 2 video lessons 

  • 1 Spirit Guide Reading

  • 1 Tarot Reading 

  • 1 Energy Scan Reading

  • 1 guided meditation and affirmation recording 

  • A printable workbook to help walk you through every step of the program 

  • Weekly homework assignments and journal prompts to help you step out of your comfort zone and skyrocket your growth

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community for MJD students only 

  • Unlimited communication with me via messenger or text to help support you in your learning 

Check out the curriculum: 

  • Week 1: Spirit Guide Support 

    • Phone reading and intake call. We will be connecting you with your Spirit Guides for messages about your potential growth and path. Your guides will help answer any questions you have regarding what is best for your path, and the things that weigh most on your heart 

  • Week 2: Empathy is a Super Power

    • Video recording. Being an empath is an incredible blessing! Find out how to make your natural gifts work with you rather than feeling like a curse.

  • Week 3: Receiving from Spirit 

    • 45 Minute Phone Session. We will discuss ways that you can feel the presence of Spirit, how Spirit communicates, and how to ask for signs and messages. You may realize you’ve been getting nudges from spirit all along and I’m here to show you- this is real, you’re not crazy!

  • Week 4: Block Busting 

    • Video recording. Watch as I demonstrate different methods to release what no longer serves you, including the most common blocks to abundance and joy

  • Week 5: Mindset Matters 

    • 45 minute phone session. Understanding the way your thoughts and beliefs shape your reality is key in leveling up in life. This lesson on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation offering examples and experiments to get your mind right and your momentum forward  

  • Week 6: Tarot Talk

    • Video tarot reading. We ask for messages about specific questions you may have on your progress or inspired ideas, while helping you understand how to use tarot in your own practice if you should choose

  • Week 7: The Fear Factor

    • 45 minute phone session. We will be addressing the common fears that people have about embracing their spiritual side and how to overcome them, focusing specifically on your own inner fears. In addition, as someone drawn to this program, you are likely highly sensitive. Other people’s energy can have a major impact on your life- we learn how to clear it and protect yourself! 

  • Week 8: The Youest You 

    • Guided meditation and affirmation recording:  The Universe wants you to be your most authentic self! You’re meant to do big things, so it’s time to learn to accept the support all around you! 

  • Week 9- Energy Aligning 

    • Phone Reading. We’ll connect with Spirit and go through the chakras and the physical body from head to toe to find areas holding ailments and emotions, and call on our Guides and Angels to help us clear them. We’ll discuss action steps for healing and keeping your energy clear. 

  • Week 10- Planting the Seeds

    • 45 minute phone session. We finish our learning by discussing how rituals can become a part of your Spiritual routine, and wrap up more than 2 months of learning and growth by planning together  your action steps to keep your momentum going! We will also do an intention setting ritual to add the power of Spirit to your plans!  


  • That’s a lot of information, how much is this going to cost me? 

    • It is a lot of information, you’re right! And it’s all been carefully curated to help you make the commitment to yourself that you’ll listen to the guidance from the unseen forces of love all around you all the time!! Try to think of it more as in investment. When you’re investing from a place of love and growth, every penny you spend comes back to you 10 fold. The lessons are also one-on-one which mean it’s pretty invaluable since we can tailor the conversation to your needs! The investment for this opportunity is around $77 USD average per week, which is an incredible savings for everything included. It will likely 

  • Ok I’m still interested but that’s a lot at once, can I split it up at all? 

    • I get it! I’m proud of you for not discounting your own importance enough to run away! I do offer payment plans: ​

      • Regular Registration Options:

        • $777 paid in full by June 15th or

        • 3 $259 payments by June 15th, July 15th, and August 15th. 

  • Ok! How do I sign up and when do we begin? 

    • Because I will only be accepting a limited number of students at a time, please apply here: 

    • You will be notified ASAP if you have been selected, at which time your first payment arrangement is to be scheduled 

    • This round of sessions goes from the week of June 15th 2020 through the week of August 17th 2020  

  • I’m so nervous about all of these phone calls, is there a way to do it online so I don’t have to talk to you? 

    • I understand how anxiety producing phone calls can be for some people! You may notice some of the weeks are video sessions. This is designed to give everyone a touch of relief from that, a little flexibility, and even a bit extra time to catch up if you need to. The thing is though, this program is meant to bust you out of your comfort zone! Everything you ever want is on the other side of fear. Feel the fear, move through the fear with my guidance, and do it anyway! I promise it’s worth it, you’ll see! That being said, if it’s still too much for you, I encourage you to check out my online school, where all of the coursework is done by video. 

  • What if I have to miss a session? 

    • Luckily, you and I will be scheduling all of the phone appointments together at a time that works for both of us. We will do our best to schedule for the same time weekly so that you can plan your schedule around it. 

    • If something comes up and you have to reschedule, please do your best to reschedule within that same week so that you don’t have to get behind. 

    • If that cannot be done, an alternative method will be arranged (ie- I will type or record the lesson for you). 

    • The weekly lessons will continue on as scheduled (going out of order will be ok if totally necessary), and if any are still missed after that they can be made up in the following two weeks after completion.